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Mark Norman


Transition Training

Have you ever had that moment while driving a new car where you can't seem to locate the switch for the windshield wipers in a sudden heavy rain? Now here you are climbing into a newly purchased aircraft. Are you fully prepared to safely fly this aircraft?

For your own proficiency or at the request of your insurance company, I can help you with your transition to your new aircraft. I have many hours flying Phase 1 fly-offs for newly constructed experimental aircraft. I specialize in the Sportsman by Glasair Aviation.

"The lack of transition training has been cited as a causal factor in many GA accidents. Accidents frequently result from pilots being unprepared for challenges presented by the new, or different, aircraft they are flying. Even when pilots are legally certificated to operate aircraft within a specific category and class, significant differences can exist among different types of aircraft within that category and class — thus necessitating the need for effective transition training."

FAA Safety Briefing

Let's set up some training in your new aircraft.

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