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Mark Norman


Private Pilot - Dreams come true

I met Mark while I was about halfway to my PPL at age of 40... My progress was not going well and I needed more intensive training. When I started flying with Mark, it made big difference and I quickly gained my missing skills. His level of standards makes you work harder but it pays off when you do the checkride. After about 6 months of training, I earned my PPL. Mark also maintains our club airplanes, which is a huge help to us. I highly recommend Mark Norman as an instructor, A&P mechanic, and a good friend.

Ilia Artemidze

I’m a better pilot through my association with Mark

Mark’s name was given as the instructor to connect with by several unrelated pilot contacts I respect and trust, which speaks volumes from the get-go. At 63 I had set out a couple of times to pursue an IFR rating, each time interruptions beyond my control caused delay. When I contacted Mark, I would say that I was somewhat apprehensive in continuing the pursuit and looking for guidance as well as instruction. Mark was supportive all the way. He brought a confidence and good nature to the business of getting me up to speed and instilled that in me. As a good listener and careful observer, he helped me hone the necessary skills while at the same time presenting me with the challenges needed to successfully build sound IFR practices. I came through my IFR check ride in December and remain ever impressed by Marks' genuine interest in my journey as a pilot. Since completing my rating he has followed up to make sure I am continuing to make progress and provides support to my remaining current. I am a better pilot today because of my connection with Mark and will always be grateful for his services.

Dave Bennett

Instrument Rating

Mark was a wonderful and patient instructor. He helped me with my instrument rating. I would highly recommend Mark Norman.

Mike Hansen
Innovative Investments

Respect for Mark

Mark helped me get my IFR currency back after my being out of the clouds for over 15 years. Training included the many changes in the FAA regulations and IFR procedures as well as recently installed new avionics in our Cardinal RG. Mark was thorough, methodical and very easy to work with. While he only recently became a CFII, he brings to this new venture long years of experience in aircraft maintenance, IFR pilotage and firefighter safety instruction. I left confident with new skills and had a lot of fun too. Mark is a very good guy whom I highly respect!

Gregg Ridder

Thanks Mark for a couple of decades of work and friendship

I first met Mark while I was a flight instructor for the Boeing Employees Flying Association. He maintained their planes at Paine Field (KPAE) in Everett WA. I could tell that he was a stickler for quality by the way he would work. Later I opened my own flight school and Mark and his staff maintained my fleet of Piper aircraft, from our J3C Cub to our Seneca III. He hired mechanics that were equally strict about their quality of workmanship.

I could tell back then as I would hear him talking to a new mechanic that he was a good teacher as well, and mentioned that he would make a great flight instructor. And, what do you know, here he is all these many years later doing exactly that. Passing his passion of flight onto the next generation of pilots.

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